Monika Schiess-Meier

Project initator and head of project, Leopard Ecology & Conservation

My passion is the amazing and secret life of leopards. Especially those in Khutse Game Reserve touched my heart. We work together with local people in Botswana to ensure wildlife will endure.

Leopard Ecology & Conservation

LEC News

  • Leopard Ecology & Conservation, initated by Monika Schiess-Meier in 2000, is a project that seeks to promote the long-term survival of leopard and lion populations in Botswana. The project aims to achieve this through a broad and holistic approach to predator conservation.

  • Conflict between people and predators in the local area has been one of the main threats to the predator populations. Our education programme aims to engage in education and capacity building in local rural areas to eventually minimise this conflict.

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For the protection of big cats Leopard Ecology & Conservation explores practically urgent questions scientifically and communicates potential solutions and their implementation effectively to the local communities!

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