Leopard Ecology & Conservation

Leopard Ecology & Conservation (LEC), initiated by Monika Schiess-Meier in 2000, is a project that seeks to promote the long-term survival of leopard
and lion populations in Botswana by integrating conservation and community education.

For the protection of big cats Leopard Ecology & Conservation explores practically urgent questions scientifically and communicates potential solutions and their implementation effectively to the local communities.


Leopard Ecology & Conservation has been conducting research on leopards (Panthera pardus) in the central Kalahari since the year 2000.

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In addition to the work Leopard Ecology & Conservation does on leopards we also study lions. Lions are a charismatic, umbrella species through which many other species can be conserved. As top predators they are keystone species and ideal indicators of ecosystem health. Therefore, monitoring lion populations is of crucial importance for conservation.

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Act Now for Tomorrow

With our educational project

“Act Now for Tomorrow”

LEC endeavours to develop a tool which allows sustainable and broadly supported land use. Central to this is the training and instruction of the people so that they can eventually handle the resources effectively and well informed.

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