LEC Annual Kaudwane Primary School Trip, 16th-19th April 2018

This year, the LEC annual school trip for the academically most improved students at Kaudwane Primary School featured seven students and two teachers. The trip was organised by LEC and jointly supported by Soroptimist Rapperswil and LEC with funds. The goal of the trip was twofold.

1) Reward academic excellence among local Kaudwane dwellers with the view of encouraging and supporting them to become educated future adults,

2) help to broaden student’s exposure to different issues outside their immediate learning environment with the expectation that the exposure will broaden their understanding of issues.

Before departure, the students were quite reserved, but eventually broke out of their shells of quietness, due to their environmental shock. From a small village with no electricity and tarred road we believe it was quite a drastic change in environment. There were many interesting responses, but they were all be wrapped up in one sentence; amazing learning opportunity!Students had fun all the way to Gaborone. There were a couple of things they saw for the first time such as massive movement of vehicles in Molepolole. Some couldn’t contain their excitement and started talking about it.

In Gaborone, they experienced and interacted with more unfamiliar things. It was indeed a learning adventure. The National Parliament, National Archives and Records Centre and the Three Chief’s monument seemed more exciting to the kids. The trips highlight appeared to be exposure to the national milling factory, Bokomo. Big noisy machines, a big factory and long haul trucks were totally new to them. The tour around the factory was even more exciting.

The last destination during the tour was the airport, where the kids had an opportunity to see aircrafts for the first time. It was amazing. They also had an opportunity to interact with air traffic controllers at the airport control tower. Although the short lecture was a bit too technical for them, it was evident that they were puzzled by the experience.

On the way back to Kaudwane, the kids were talking about what they saw all the way. They invented new names for some of the things they saw for the first time, such as a helicopter which they called, “Ralekopa”. Upon being interviewed again, they indicated that they had never seen such an environment. They finally saw some of the things they only knew in pictures. Monika Schiess, LEC’s managing director gave them presents to even motivate them further. The trip was an exciting learning opportunity for the kids and we look forward to organising the next trip.


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