Herders Training Course

The Herders Training Course (HTC) is a training programme initiative by Leopard Ecology & Conservation (LEC) in collaboration with the Botswana University of Agriculture & Natural Resources (BUAN). The HTC’s long-term goal is to develop the capacity of local herders and resident farmers to manage livestock and surrounding natural resources sustainably, with the view of minimizing human-wildlife conflict around the Khutse area.

We hosted the last of three trial courses, as required by Botswana Qualifications Authority (BQA) to have the course accredited and certified. We are looking forward to have the course registered and ready for our local farmers!

The course was a three-day training session from the 27th to the 29th of June 2019. We targeted at least three farmers from each of the seven cattle posts in LEC study area. For all  three days we exceeded our attendance target! It was an impressive turnout. The discussions were interesting. Herders and farmers were actively participating in topics of discussions. Logistics and equipment were all good! We had a lot of support from the community of Kaudwane with the new Community Conservation Club volunteering to help prepare the course.

LEC sees the completion of the HTC trial as an important milestone to reducing human-wildlife conflict in Khutse and the surrounding areas. Once the course is registered and fully certified, farmers will have an opportunity to increase their capacity in co-existing with free ranging predators such as lion and leopard.