Act Now for Tomorrow

With our educational project

“Act Now for Tomorrow”

LEC endeavours to develop a tool which allows sustainable and broadly supported land use. Central to this is the training and instruction of the people so that they can eventually handle the resources effectively and well informed.

Our work radius is the Kweneng District, directly adjacent to Khutse Game Reserve. Here LEC focuses on the seven cattle posts Ditampane/Mosime, Kungwane, Mahuhumo, Makakamara, Mangadiele, Moilwane and Mokujwane and the village Kaudwane.

The education project began in 2008. Today five employees are working with the farmers and herders as well as the inhabitants of Kaudwane on various projects. Apart from the materialistic successes LEC is proud of the trust relationship, which was built with our local partners.